Why Aesthetic Medicine? A Prescribing Nurse Opens Up

Here at the Derma Institute Canada, we warmly welcome proficient prescribing nurses, presenting them with the opportunity to deepen their expertise and advance their professional horizons. Recently, we had a heart-to-heart with one of our alumni, who delved into her journey transitioning to aesthetic medicine.

What prompted your move to facial injectables and aesthetic medicine?

Being a nurse, I cherish my role: the daily patient interactions, the challenges of treatment, and the joy of finding solutions. Yet, there came a point when I felt stagnation and a need for change. I once experienced this growth when I transitioned to a prescribing role. However, the traditional nursing pathway didn’t seem to offer another such leap. There were promotion opportunities, but they often meant doing the same tasks at a heightened level. My search led me to facial injectables. It was the perfect trajectory shift for my career.

What is your take on our aesthetic medicine training courses?

The curriculum delved deeper into areas not exhaustively covered during my nursing education. We covered detailed facial anatomy and the specificities of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. My foundational nursing skills meant I had a knack for injections, understood patient care, and could gauge potential procedure complications. And throughout my learning curve, the support of the Derma Institute aesthetic trainers was invaluable.

Why the Canadian Derma Institute Academy?

Irrespective of your nursing tenure, venturing into a new area of healthcare can take time and effort. I wanted to take on this challenge under the watchful eyes of seasoned professionals.

For me, hands-on training was paramount. The Derma Institute program offered an impeccable balance of theory and practice on live cosmetic models. Given another chance, my choice would remain unchanged. Thank you to all the Derma Institute team that have supported me throughout my aesthetic journey.

Training with Derma Institute

Here at Derma Institute, we provide award-winning training to all of our trainees. We pride ourselves in offering the very latest in skills and techniques to the highest professional and regulatory standards. Patient safety is our highest priority, and we ensure that we provide our trainees with all they need to practise safely and give patients results they will love.

We offer courses that are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners, helping you through your career path every step of the way.

For more information and recommendations on where to begin on your path to becoming a medical aesthetician, get in touch with one of our experts today!