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Aesthetic Training Courses for Dentists

Expand your cosmetic dentistry practice with our industry-leading training courses.

Dermal Filler & Botox Courses For Dentists

Dentists, did you know that offering cosmetic injectables in your dental practice is an excellent way to boost income whilst making a positive difference to your patients? Up to one in four dental clinics now provide aesthetic treatments for their patients. With specialist training and a prior understanding of the complex oral and maxillo-facial areas, dentists are already uniquely placed to succeed in aesthetic medicine.

Derma Institute specialises in Botox & dermal filler training courses for Dentists, and our courses fully comply with the regulations of the Canadian Dental and Surgeon Colleges. Our hands-on workshops are perfect for dental professionals wishing to add non-invasive cosmetic procedures, such as facial aesthetic injectable treatments, to their client services menu. Our expert Physicians will teach you the latest techniques with hands-on training on live models to ensure you are confident and safe to practice. Our 2-day combined Botox And dermal filler course is the most popular amongst registered Dentists in Canada.

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Getting Started



Level 7 Diploma

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Derma Institute courses?2023-11-30T15:17:08-04:00

Our aesthetic training courses are for dental and medical professionals. You can see a complete list of who we train here. We will ask for proof of your medical registration as part of our enrolment procedure.

Can I register if I am at the beginning of my career path?2023-11-30T15:26:07-04:00

Eligible healthcare professionals can complete all our Botox and dermal filler training courses. Practicing aesthetics in your early years can help boost your income, pay back debts accumulated during university, and significantly enhance your earnings as you develop your career.

What are the career opportunities for Cosmetic Dentists after training?2023-02-09T16:27:58-04:00

Demand for aesthetic treatments continues to grow sharply and many lucrative opportunities exist. If you already own your dental practice, adding cosmetic injectables to your list of services is straightforward. If you are employed at a dental practice, it is worth exploring opportunities to offer aesthetic treatments within. You can also work part-time for a cosmetic clinic or set up independently. We provide advice on business and marketing to help you get started.

Will I be insured to inject live models during training?2023-11-30T15:16:26-04:00

Yes, you are covered under Derma Institute’s cosmetic indemnity insurance during the training course, and you can inject live patients under our supervision. You can take out your cosmetic indemnity insurance policy upon completing the course. We provide details of reputable insurers to all delegates.

Do I need to bring my own cosmetic model with me?2023-11-30T15:23:32-04:00

We provide live cosmetic models for our Botox training courses. We arrange all models to ensure you get lots of hands-on practical experience with real-life patients. If you have a friend or family member interested in having treatments during the training day, please let our team know, and we can help them book in as a model.

Do you offer any post-course support?2023-11-30T15:23:09-04:00

After your Botox and dermal filler training course, you will be allocated a clinical mentor whom you can contact for advice. Our mentoring correspondence list will provide communication regarding new guidance, protocols, and aesthetic regulations. We also offer refresher, 121 and online training to further your skills and experience.

Our combined aesthetic medicine training packages are designed to enable skilled, experienced doctors to extend their existing medical training.

These specialist botox training courses for doctors offer the opportunity to operate within the rapidly growing sector of aesthetic medicine — an industry that now contributes more than £2 billion to the UK economy every year.

Our aim is to transform capable, qualified doctors into practice-ready, holistically-certified aesthetic medicine professionals.

Facial aesthetic injectable treatment training for doctors

Demand for non-surgical injectable treatments is growing across the world, with many people turning to alternative, aesthetic options to minimise some of the common signs of ageing.

Poorly performed procedures, carried out by those with little experience or training, pose a real and significant risk to patients — which is why there has been a notable shift towards patients seeking highly qualified, experienced and regulated doctors to perform these types of procedures.

Our training courses for doctors instil superb capability and total accountability — teaching the skills needed to perform high-quality botox and other non-surgical aesthetic procedures. Workshops are delivered nationwide, with hands-on training, by qualified aesthetic practitioners.

With demand for aesthetic talent showing signs of considerably outweighing supply, we believe that there is an urgent need for improved access to suitable, valuable, and regulated training courses for doctors. Not only does this help to transform the aesthetic medicine sector, but it also enables skilled healthcare professionals to benefit from alternative career opportunities.

Our aesthetic procedure training courses for doctors in the UK

Derma Institute offers intensive, comprehensive training courses across the UK. We focus on facial aesthetic injectable treatments, including botox and dermal fillers, as some of the most commonly requested aesthetic procedures.

Our small group courses cover all aspects of the theoretical and practical knowledge of aesthetic injectable treatments, resulting in a Level 7 diploma for doctors.

Our training courses are designed to expand the knowledge and skill of all doctors — right through from FY1 and FY2 foundation grade doctors to registrars and consultants.

At Derma Institute, we are proud to offer experienced doctors a unique opportunity to undertake practical, hands-on training throughout the programme. Our training courses provide valuable insight into the realities of cosmetic clinics and facilitate the transition from exclusively medical environments to an aesthetic setting.

Training is undertaken by a top team of botox and dermal filler professionals and overseen by global leaders in aesthetic medicine and training.


Choose Derma Institute courses regardless of your career level. Invest in your education and stay up-to-date with advanced technologies that bring real benefits to both the doctor and the patient. Integrate into your work style the most advanced methods that Derma Institute reveals to you, which can become a particularly important milestone to be a sought-after and renowned specialist.

The benefits of Derma Institute cosmetic procedure training for doctors

At Derma Institute, the combined botox and dermal fillers training course aims to accelerate learning and provide a fast track into aesthetic medicine for those with an existing and licensed medical knowledge base.

Our courses for doctors are carefully created to boost earning potential, create opportunities for greater independence, improve career stability and facilitate the building, development and nurturing of valuable skills.

At a time when contractual changes are impacting working hours, pay, and overall level of job satisfaction for talented doctors, we believe that improving access to further training opportunities can open up new pathways for practice.

This is the key to ensuring the continuation of career progression within the medical field and can help create new, profitable roles within challenging and highly rewarding environments. With aesthetic medicine training, doctors can choose to transfer to a new field or work in aesthetics alongside a position within the NHS or private practice.

FAQ botox and dermal fillers training for doctors

How can a training for cosmetic procedures for doctors help me?

When it comes to facial aesthetics, changes and innovations in the field appear all the time. Regardless of the level you are at, it is very important to always stay up to date with everything that can represent an additional benefit for patients, but also for your training. Moreover, within the Derma Institute you will also receive business and marketing advice, which will help you to promote your services on a larger scale, but also to make the most profitable financial decisions. Aesthetic trainings organized by Derma Institute combine the theoretical component with the practical one, so that upon completion of the course you will be one step closer to the next level in your career.

Why is it important to continuously prepare myself in the field of medical aesthetics?

A dynamic field and constantly full of news, medical aesthetics comes with numerous challenges for doctors. This is due both to the varied requirements that come from the patients, and to the technology that evolves from one day to the next. Thus, for each individual procedure, the equipment can change and update often, which is why it is necessary to benefit from continuous education. At the Derma Institute, we offer the support that any doctor in the field needs to be a reference name in the aesthetics industry.

Can I register if I am at the beginning of my career path?

Junior doctors will have practical experience in the training offered by Derma Institute. So, not only can you enroll in our courses, but it is even advisable to do so in order to work in a practical way, while being closely supervised by our experts. You will inject real patients and you will face real problems, simulating experiences that you will certainly have in your own office. You will put into practice advanced techniques that are used in the field of medical cosmetics and you will be able, after this course, to gain practical experience, but also to train for a new career, having new skills in an exciting industry.

Testimonials by our students

Dr. Anthony H.: “It all started when I realized that, despite the experience I have in the medical aesthetics industry, I always have something to learn.

Then, I turned to the Derma Institute to get advice from incredibly good experts in the field. With their help, I understood better how I can offer patients personalized solutions for their needs, but also how I can make procedures based on botox and filler real aces up my sleeve.

More precisely, I became a specialist in the field myself and I have the knowledge that recommends me to use the best performing equipment and techniques to bring satisfaction to my patients.

Besides this, I must mention that I also received consulting on what business is concerned. After taking this part of the course, I can say that I manage to have a significantly higher current income, but also to enjoy more free time, because I know how to evaluate my work much better.

I strongly recommend the Derma Institute courses to both beginners and experienced specialists”.

Dr. Kathy S.: “Every day I encounter new and new challenges at my workplace, especially since I am quite new to this industry. Once I left school, I had to turn to the Derma Institute to gain practical experience. I was very surprised and at the same time extremely pleased to discover that most of the courses offered by this center are based on interaction with real people.

That is, not only do we get the theoretical information we need, but we actually work on real models. Thus, when I return to my workplace, I already have more confidence and confidence in my abilities and can offer without emotions personalized solutions and treatments to those who choose me.

Derma Institute is a global leader in the provision of dermal filler and botox courses for dentists. Our comprehensive and regulated training courses are designed to extend the practical skills of talented, able and experienced dental professionals.

Through advanced certification in aesthetic medicine, we provide dentists with a unique opportunity to expand their practice — offering a wide range of alternative, in-demand treatments for both existing patients and new acquisitions.

At Derma Institute, our botox training courses for dentists are quality-led and delivered by experienced aesthetic practitioners. These best-practice, hands-on workshops are perfect for dental professionals wishing to add botox and cosmetic injectables to their client services menu.

Aesthetic medicine in dentistry

In recent years, there has been a notable rise in the incorporation of aesthetic medicine into the dental sector. This is not only in response to greater demand for highly-trained aesthetic practitioners, but also as the professional benefits of non-surgical procedures become increasingly apparent.

Dentists form one of the largest medical professional groups seeking aesthetic training and certification — more and more dentists are now becoming Level 7-qualified, as this lucrative form of diversification in dentistry creates new and highly attractive opportunities.

With specialist training and a prior understanding of the complex oral and maxillo-facial areas, dentists are already uniquely placed to succeed in medical facial aesthetics.

Our Botox training courses for dentists

At Derma Institute, our training courses enable dentists to safely carry out non-invasive cosmetic procedures, such as facial aesthetic injectable treatments like Botox and dermal fillers. We believe that improving access to the necessary training and educational resources is key to career progression.

We offer a selection of expert-led, educational courses based on the concepts of practical, direct and supervised training methods. Our courses range from foundation courses to get your career started in aesthetic medicine, to our Combined Botox And Dermal Filler Course for dentists — an intensive training programme to accelerate aesthetic learning which results in Level 7 accreditation.

All of our aesthetic procedure training courses are led by a team of aesthetic medical professionals — made up of some of the most experienced and qualified doctors, surgeons, and dentists in the world.

Our aesthetic medicine for dentists training courses are available nationwide.

The benefits of aesthetic training at Derma Institute

Taking our Botox and dermal filler courses for dentists offers a range of exciting opportunities for licensed professionals. Here are some of the key benefits you will find after taking one of our accredited aesthetic training courses.

Patient satisfaction

The perioral area of the face is proven to have a close association with the teeth. Having the skill and means to improve this specific area through dermal fillers can significantly impact the appearance, success rate, and patient satisfaction of cosmetic dentistry procedures.

Increased revenue growth

Whether as an independent or employed aesthetic dentist, you can earn double your present salary in the NHS by regularly delivering cosmetic injectable treatments.

This also comes with less working hours, and more free time — making for greater work-life balance.

A competitive advantage

In order to satisfy the increasing demand for facial aesthetic procedures, up to one in four dental clinics now provide aesthetic treatments for their patients.

As a dentist, being able to offer botox and dermal fillers places you ahead of the competition.

New and wider client base

Adding Botox and dermal fillers procedures to your clinic’s services can bring in new clients who conventional dental treatments alone may not have attracted.

Extending the range of treatments offered by your practice can increase your patient base and improve your reputation — giving your practice a significant boost.

Career development

In terms of career development, aesthetic medicine is one of the most rapidly developing sectors — emerging as a challenging yet highly rewarding area of expertise.

Ease of transition

As a dentist, you will already operate a functioning clinic, with an established client base. Many of our dental delegates highlight their smooth transition into aesthetics in their feedback, anchored on their existing dental practice.

An added advantage is that the interval duration for routine dental check-ups (every 4–6 months) is similar to that of Botox treatment, which allows for the convenient arrangement of top-up treatments.

Your next steps: booking your training course

At Derma Institute, we offer a broad range of facial aesthetic training courses for dentists. Our goal is to ensure you learn the most advanced cosmetic procedures through the highest possible quality of training available.

Whether you choose our Foundation courses, our popular 2-Day combined Foundation and Advanced Botox and Dermal Filler course, our expert masterclasses, or our Level 7 Diploma in Injectables for Clinical Aesthetic Therapies, we can help you achieve your career goals.

To find out more about our Botox and dermal filler training courses for dentists, speak to our friendly and experienced team today.

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