Botox for Migraine

Botox might be very popular for its benefits in treating facial wrinkles and fine lines. However, there’s more to it than the cosmetic application. Botox use has now been extended to treating chronic migraines.

Chronic migraine is a medical condition in which an individual experiences severe headaches of a throbbing and pulsing nature, usually more than fourteen days in one month.

Migraine is mainly caused by the release of serotonin, a neurochemical that induces the constriction of blood vessels. While Botox® may not have a direct effect on this, it certainly is beneficial in reducing the pain in patients who suffer from migraines. It achieves this possibly by blocking the transmission of pain signals by nerves and also by relaxing the scalp muscles.

To treat chronic migraines, qualified medical specialists administer multiple botulinum toxin injections into seven specific sites at the head and neck at intervals of about 12 weeks.

Derma Institute teaches our delegates these techniques in our  2-Day Combined Botox and Filler Course. Our training emphasizes taking a holistic view of the treatment to include patient expectations and ensure safety and optimum results.

Benefits of Training in Botox for Migraines

An increasing number of individuals who suffer from chronic migraines are turning to Botox as a remedy, especially with several studies lending credence to its efficacy, safety and good tolerance in patients.

Botox treatment for migraines is able to prevent about nine or more headache days in one month and also improve the patient’s quality of life.

The use of botox to treat migraines was approved by the FDA in October 2010, and once injected, the benefits can be enjoyed for up to three months afterwards.

By receiving botox training, health professionals can provide their patients with treatments that go beyond beauty. They also stand to gain from the rapidly rising demand for botox for migraine headaches.

Attending A Course

We teach this procedure on our award-winning 2-day Combined Botox and Filler courses. We invite you to attend this popular course.

This course is suitable for both experienced aesthetic practitioners and beginners in the field who would learn twenty of the most popular aesthetic procedures that would enhance their aesthetic skills and enable them to offer these treatments to their clients.

What You Will Learn

  • The anatomy of the head, neck and shoulders.
  • The pathophysiology of migraine headaches.
  • Indications for Botox for migraines such as frequency of episodes of up to 15 or more in a month.
  • Contraindications to Botox for migraine such as neuromuscular disorders, bleeding disorders, pregnancy, etc.
  • The pharmacology of botulinum toxin, knowledge of its storage, dilution and administration.
  • The patient consultation and assessment process ensures optimum results.
  • Pre-treatment client evaluation.
  • Selection of candidates for treatment, management of patient expectations, anesthesia use, as well as patient after-care.
  • Requisite knowledge in product selection through learning the different brands of suitable muscle-freezing agents available on the market.
  • Knowledge and understanding of possible complications or adverse effects and their management.
  • Avoiding complications through safer injection techniques, including cannula and needle use that consider the angle and depth of injections.
  • Carry out at least one botox for migraine treatment on a live model patient provided by Derma Institute.

Additional reasons why you should train in Botox for Migraine

Become an expert in Botox for migraine treatments

You will be taught basic and advanced techniques of botox for migraine treatments which would allow you give your clients maximum results.

This course is delivered by industry experts who possess vast experience and expertise in the field.

This procedure will be taught alongside other basic and advanced facial rejuvenation procedures that allow you offer a more holistic treatment to your clients.

Broaden your Services Menu

In addition to the basic aesthetic procedures which are more readily offered by most aesthetic practitioners, now you can add botox for migraine treatments to your repertoire.

Increase your Market Value

Being equipped with the comprehensive knowledge and skills of current and highly demanded non-surgical aesthetic procedures, you will be sought after by high-end clinics.

Practice on Live Models

To make sure that you are set to confidently and safely start practicing, our course comprises intensive, practical, hands-on training sessions on live models that we provide for you.

Small Training Groups

We judiciously maintain a low trainee-trainer ratio, not exceeding five trainees per trainer. The small size of our training groups, with our dedicated expert trainers, ensures that your learning is individualized and effective.

CPD Accreditation

At the end of your training course with Derma Institute, you will be awarded CPD points as well as a certificate of attendance, which is insurer-approved.

Post-Training Support

In addition to the above, we continue to provide after-training support to all our delegates, which they find very beneficial.

We Teach This Technique

In our 2-day combined Botox and filler course.

Our delegates can be assured of their ability to expertly and confidently offer these treatments upon completion of this course.

Training with Derma Institute

Here at Derma Institute, we provide award-winning training to all of our trainees. We pride ourselves in offering the very latest in skills and techniques to the highest professional and regulatory standards. Patient safety is our highest priority, and we ensure that we provide our trainees with all they need to practise safely and give patients results they will love.

We offer courses that are suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners, helping you through your career path every step of the way.

For more information and recommendations on where to begin on your path to becoming a medical aesthetician, get in touch with one of our experts today!